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HFB and NCHT(UK) write to Jeremy Corbyn

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 The immigrant British Hindu community,

a peaceful minority fully integrated in the country they view as home,

a community which has less members in Prison

than there are MP's in Parliament

 is being vilified as "Fascist" and somehow the perpetrator of "Killing Fields"

on the streets of Jeremy Corbyns, Keith Vaz's, Jon Ashworth's Labour controlled



How is this possible?

Was this "Anti-Hindu Hate Campaign" simply

to drive through the Anti-India Kashmir Resolution ?


 "For the many and not the few ...

and not the Hindu and not the Jew?"


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The text of the letter :-


Hindu Forum Britain
Proud to be British Proud to be Hindu
Rt Hon. Jeremy Corbyn

House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
10th October 2019


Dear Mr Corbyn,
Re: Labour Party Motion – Jammu & Kashmir 2019-
We write to you on a very serious issue affecting the diaspora of the Indian sub-continent living in the United
Kingdom. It has come to our attention that the Labour Party has passed a motion requiring the Labour
Leadership to escalate the issue of Jammu and Kashmir to the United Nations, a resolution which on
investigation is clearly seen to be biased against India, completely un-evidenced and wholly lacking in truth. We
are dismayed that Her Majesty’s Official Opposition has been so cavalier with the truth and has used its position
within our diverse democracy to become the de-facto mouthpiece for Pakistan.
We will not repeat the facts about Jammu and Kashmir, they are well documented and totally in favour of India.
Jammu and Kashmir are integral to India, a fact that has been accepted by all democratic nations, as has the
concept that any issues related to it remains in the arena of India alone.
We fear the disgraceful underhanded methods used by the Labour Party to put this motion to the floor of the
Conference, and have it passed, shows the utter contempt you have for India and Indians. Indeed, it has come to
our notice that the Pakistani members of the Labour Party seemed to be fully aware of the J&K Motion, whereas
the Indian members of the Labour Party appear to have been kept in the dark. This Labour Party internal
apartheid is abhorrent, and we condemn it for what it is, an exhibition of anti-Indian racism.
It is now becoming apparent over the past few years that you and the Labour Party were becoming anti-Hindu
and anti-India and unconditionally pro Pakistan. Appeasing to the Pakistani vote bank will have serious
consequences. It is astonishing that the Labour Party is now openly in support of Pakistan, which in the words
of Virendra Sharma MP in the House of Commons, is a state which harbours terrorists and supports terrorism.
By extension you and the Labour party are also supporting these activities and becoming perilously close to
becoming direct supporters of Islamist terror organisations such as Al Qaeda and ISIS, which in the words of
Imran Khan, were trained and supported by Pakistan.
The actions of the Labour Party have had a serious impact on all Indians in the UK. There is now a real fear for
the well-being and safety of British Indians in the UK. By promoting the Pakistani pro-terrorist narrative, the
Labour Party has endorsed their violent tendencies here in the UK. A graphic exhibition of this was witnessed
by all on the 15th August 2019 outside the High Commission of India in London. The Pakistani hooligans
inflicted a hate and terror attack upon the peaceful Indian community who were there celebrating India’s
Independence Day (our elders. women and children WERE terrified). It should have been a day of joy for
everyone, when we celebrate the sacrifices of the Indian martyrs in securing Independence, and how India and
the UK have forged a positive relationship for a brighter future.
The Labour Party has however given a green light to the extremist elements in society. Today they attack
Indians and Hindus, tomorrow the very same people will attack other minorities and then the majority. You have
planted and nurtured the seeds of intercommunity friction, and act of evil and if left unchecked, its consequences
to the UK will be dire.

The Labour Party has already alienated itself by its racist antisemitic behaviour. You have now added to that list
the vile prejudice of anti-Indian sentiment, anti-Hindu, that we condemn without qualification.
Since the resolution was passed we have seen no actions nor official statements from the NEC even suggesting a
criticism of the resolution and we must therefore assume that it has the blessing of the NEC and is now official
Labour party policy. The "charm offensive" being conducted by Keith and Valerie Vaz, by Varinder Sharma
and Barry Gardiner are deemed to be crocodile tears; their support for the resolution was clearly established by
their refusal to question it prior to the Conference and their refusal to speak against it at the Conference. The
message has been clearly received by us.
On behalf of our British Hindu community, we ask you to:
1. Condemn and reverse the said motion immediately.
2. Initiate an independent investigation as to how such a racist, un-evidenced and anti-India motion was allowed
to be presented to the floor of the conference.
3. Issue a full and unequivocal apology to the Indian community in the UK.
4. Initiate a more wide-ranging investigation in the Labour Party for it’s anti-India and anti-Hindu practices.
For the avoidance of doubt, please be assured that our community has taken this matter very seriously. In
complete accordance with the position of the Indian Government, many of our Hindu organisations are already
dis-inviting Labour politicians from our religious premises and festivals, the HFB have already stated that it will
be neither inviting nor welcoming any Labour Parliamentarians to our annual "Diwali in Parliament" event and
this policy was already implemented at the first Diwali celebrations at the Scottish Parliament on 8th October .
We are now seeing this distancing becoming a national phenomenon, affecting Labour Councillors as well.
We do expect you to take note of this letter, to take action as a result of this letter and should you wish to
facilitate a meeting with our team, we would welcome the opportunity of bringing the matter of the indigenous
Kashmiri Hindus, who have been the subject of ‘7 Pakistan instigated pogroms‘ to expel them from their
homeland, prior to the Labour party becoming such a stalwart defender of the Human Rights of the current
squatters of Kashmir.
We look forward to hearing from you as a matter of urgency.
Yours sincerely

Mrs Trupti Patel FCIHT, MSc. H &T, BEng (CE ),
President , Hindu Forum of Britain

Satish K Sharma B.Sc. (Hons) Econ MBCS FRSA
General Secretary, National Council of Hindu Temples (UK)
Chair, British Board of Dharmic Scholars




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