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4th August 2016

Dear All,

Please note that on the afternoon of the 3rd August, an incident occurred at one of our member Hindu Temples in which an individual, stating his name as Hanif and declaring himself as Pakistani, spent half an hour wandering around the Temple premises speaking with Priests and devotees. He asked questions re the following specific points -

1)    Where do the priests live ?

2)    When are the busy functions and festivals ?
3)    Which days is food served on ?
4)    Which days do the jalaram temples serve food ?

5)    Do the Neasden and ISKCON temples serve food and if so on which days?.

6)    Further questions were asked about the West London Temples

The incident has been reported to the Police and a photograph of the person will be also be available shortly. When it is available we will send it to out immediately to our member Temples by Whatsapp and others of whom we are aware.

NCHTUK have set up a TempleNet Whatsapp group in order to be able to share and communicate urgent information and if you would like to join please nominate a person in your Committee who will have the designated mobile phone, and please forward the Mobile number to us on our info @ address.

We are approaching a very busy time of year for our Temples with very major festivals just around the corner, please forward this message to any Temple or Hindu Institution which may need to be notified. Lets look after our community and our Temples and please report any incidents to the Police and to us so that they can be shared with the TempleNet whatsapp group. A video of this person has been posted to the WhatsApp group already.

If your local Hindu Temple is inadequately protected, please access Government Funding in order to ensure that it can be made secure and that our Devotees and visitors can be assured of adequate safety. The details of this scheme are below.

Hate Crime Action Plan

The Government has published a four year Hate Crime Action Plan.   The press release about the launch is at:

In the foreword Home Secretary Amber Rudd says “Hate crime of any kind, directed against any community, race or religion has absolutely no place in our society.” In his endorsing foreword, Communities Secretary Sajid Javid speaks of the need not to take tolerance for granted and says “Together, if we report every incident of hate crime, we can drive it from our streets.”

The Action Plan outlines actions the government will take to:

  • prevent and respond to hate crime
  • increase reporting of hate crime incidents
  • improve support for victims
  • build an understanding of hate crime

The relevant section of the summary of the wide-ranging plan is at Annex A to this Circular.  Further information is at

The Action Plan applies to England and Wales. The Welsh Government’s Tackling Hate Crimes and Incidents: A Framework for Action (2015) continues to take forward specific actions within Wales. The Welsh Government was consulted on the Action Plan and there will continue to be engagement on non-devolved areas across Wales through the Hate Crime Criminal Justice Board Cymru. The Action Plan does not cover actions in Scotland and Northern Ireland. The Home Office will continue to work with the devolved governments to ensure that best practice is shared across the United Kingdom.

Security for Places of Worship

Funding Programme

As part of the Hate Crime Action Plan, the Home Office has launched a £2.4million funding scheme for places of worship to provide protective security measures to them.  The scheme is open for 8 weeks and closes at 5pm on 20 September.  A second round of bids will open in Spring 2017.

Details on eligibility and how to apply can be found at

Police message relating to security of Church buildings in wake of attack on priest in France

In the wake of the murder of a Catholic Priest in France, the Police issued today a message to Christian Churches about security. This also contains information relevant to other faith communities and is at Annex B to this Circular.

Looking After One Another: The Safety and Security of our Faith Communities

As member bodies will be aware, in July 2005 IFN published a resource entitled Looking After One Another: The Safety and Security of our Faith Communities.  This is available to download from IFN’s website at  A copy is also attached.

Since 2005 the document has been widely circulated and drawn on by many bodies. Interfaith Scotland (then the Scottish Inter Faith Council) reproduced the document, with permission, in partnership with Scottish bodies. The document is in the process of being updated with new contact details and to reflect the current operating environment, including the impact of terrorism, and the very different communication world of social media. The document can be found at:  If you have any comments on the text, David Hampshire (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) would be pleased to receive these by 19 August.

How to report hate crime

Lastly, as part of tackling hate crime, a reminder that it is important to report it.

Hate incidents can be reported directly to the Police. They can also be reported via the True Vision website at and, in some areas, to the Stop Hate website at   In Scotland, hate crime can be reported at





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