Investigations Update

Conclusion of Statutory & Compliance Investigations

As many of you will know, the Members of the NCHT UK removed Brij Mohan Gupta as President and "Dr Raj Pandit Sharma" as General Secretary at the AGM held in December 2012. Both were invited to attend the Meeting and given ample opportunity to respond to the "No confidence" motions but they refused and the motions were passed unanimously in absentia.
Instead of respecting the democratic will of the AGM of the Members of the Charity and retiring gracefully and with dignity, the two of them initiated a campaign of vilification and denigration on a scale which beggars belief. Only last week we were blessed with wonderful news and can now set about clarifying some of the issues in an attempt to repair the dreadful damage their actions inflicted upon the reputation of the Charity and its Officers.
We quietly, patiently and diligently bore the brunt of their defamation and denigration and continued the work of the NCHT UK, adhering to the best traditions of our Dharma and are now able to share with our members and the wider Hindu Community, details of what actually transpired.
Here are just some of the adharmic actions initiated by these two :-

  • Brij Mohan Gupta appeared on MATV and announced that he and "Dr Sahib" had been elected as President and General Secretary respectively knowing full well that this was misleading.

  • Defamatory, completely untrue emails were circulated to Government departments and also to many of the Temples in the UK, in an attempt to tarnish the reputations of the newly elected Officers,
  • Emails were circulated claiming that the Charity's Bankers were conducting a Fraud investigation,
  • The Charity Commission was advised that the Charities' affairs were being conducted in an improper manner and an investigation was initiated.
  • A false "NCHT UK" was established, complete with two unauthorised web site's
  • A possibly fictitious AGM was conducted and a "new Committee" publicised (several appointments were announced who subsequently wrote to us and confirmed that their names had been used without permission and that they weren't even at the meeting and in one case, the supposed newly elected Trustee was out of the country at the time of the false AGM!)
  • A High Court Injunction was sought to disrupt the legitimate AGM only last month (refused by the judge)
  • Only a couple of weeks ago, further ridiculous remarks were made, again by Brij Mohan Gupta on MATV, vilifying several of our most respected veteran Hindu community volunteers and more statements made which again were completely false.

It is the wish and hope of the Executive Committee and Trustees that once these details are freely available, the peerless standing of the NCHT UK will once again be restored, and that all Hindu organisations will join with us to preserve our Dharma, and to serve all Hindus in the UK, whilst continuing to adhere to the highest of our Dharmic principles.
To help this process, and in the spirit of transparency and openness we are pleased to make the following two announcements:-

    The Charity Commission wrote to us on Friday 12th July and confirmed that they were closing their investigation into the affairs of the NCHTUK. Not a single criticism or suggestion or recommendation was proposed by them and we are happy to accept this as complete exoneration and confirmation that we, the legitimate Trustees of the Charity, were innocent of wrongdoing or inappropriate process and have at all times acted within the requirements of the Law and good practice and our actions have therefore been totally vindicated. The letter is provided below and if further evidence is required, please visit the Charity Commission where additional confirmation is possible.

    The Charity's Bankers have written to "Dr Raj Pandit Sharma" advising him that they have reviewed the Charity's banking and transaction history and concluded that the record is spotless and that they will not entertain any further correspondence from him.

We would like to thank all those who gave us unflinching support through times which on occasion were truly challenging and look forward to closer relationships and to continuing our work together. We also pray that Paramatma blesses the two ex Officers with tranquility and wisdom.

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