Hindu Christian Relations Under Scrutiny

Latest Update - 1st January 2016 - "Evangelism is Radicalisation plus Cultural Genocide"

British Hindu Religious leader speaking at Westminster Abbey charges the Church with Radicalisation & Cultural Genocide. Shri Satish K Sharma, General Secretary of the National Council of Hindu temples (UK) challeges the InterFaith model as a possible "ponzi scheme" designed to simply keep the majority religion in control by using public funds. (Please excuse the short period of audio unsynch!)


12th September 2015 - Before delving into the realities of the British Hindu Christian dailogue, it may help to take advantage of a scholarly preamble through the recent history which has moulded the Hindu concerns that the Church of England, with its history of deceit and exploitation is to be approached with caution, especially in the arena of InterFaith dialogue.


Having now set the context which has paved the way to the present, it is worthwhile considering the recent assault on WHOLLY innocent British Hindus instigated by the Christian supremecist  peer Lord Harries.


By way of introduction, the NCHT UK wrote to Lambeth Palace "sharing" concerns about the unashamedly racist Anti Hindu sentiments expressed by the Peers. The letter dated the 6th May is now published below for your information. An urgent meeting of the Hindu Christian Forum was called at Lambeth Palace and Satishji represented the NCHT UK and Sanjayji the AHO, at this meeting and our concerns were fully aired.

Immediately following the meeting, the NCHT UK wrote to Lambeth Palace to confirm the details of the meeting and this letter is also now published below.

The meeting led to a letter being written from the HCF to Minister Helen Grant and this too is published for your information.The letter is supportive of the need for a genuine Consultation and not a Parliamentary whitewash but it does not address the harm inflicted by Christian Lords and we are still waiting to hear from Lord Harries or his colleagues as to where the 480,000 Dalits are living here in the UK. A national search has so far failed to unearth their location.

Rest assured that as far as this particular issue is concerned, it is far from over. Unless there is genuine restitution in ACTION, all talk of British Parliamentary and Legislative Democracy is merely rhetoric.

With the AGM now very successfully behind us, the Trustees and Executive of the NCHT UK are preparing to launch a fuill investigation on the issue, the personalities involved behind the scenes, the undisputably "anti Hindu" intervention of Vince Cable at the eleventh hour, and the MP's in the House of Commons who have played Janus with Hindu interests, the face of  "sugar and nice" whilst interacting with Hindu Constituents, but a curiously anti Hindu face as soon as they enter the shadow of Parliament.....  The question is "Can the Church of England" be entrusted with safeguarding the ideal of InterFaith harmony? Before you decide please review the video below... (use the pause button to read some of the slides...) and then the letters beneath..



The NCHT UK's letter to Lambeth Palace

... the meeting that followed...

.... the Bishop of Bedford write to Minister Helen Grant


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