Hindu Temples in the UK

Hindu Healthcare Chaplaincy 2014

|| Arogyame Maha Bhagyam ||
“The absence of suffering is the highest blessing”

 Annual Hindu Sahayak (Chaplain) Training Course

 18th- 20th April 2014

Holiday Inn, Birmingham


For Further information please Contact:
Pt. Madhu V. Shastri
Project-Co-ordinator, Hindu Healthcare Chaplaincy (NCHTUK)
Mobile: 07763178628
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


All NHS Hospitals are obliged to provide spiritual and cultural care
including prayer rooms and meals that suit the patient’s beliefs.
This year 2014, the NCHTUK's  "Hindu HealthCare Chaplaincy" project will continue to

identify, train and coordinate the work of Hindu Healthcare Chaplains.

Hindu Chaplains help provide religious, spiritual and emotional support for Hindu patients.
whilst they are hospitalised and at their most vulnerable.

The NCHT UK trains our Priests to a level such that they can

provide these services on a voluntary basis from within

the Hindu community.

The Hindu HealthCare Chaplain can offer care & support to the patient,
his/her family and also to Hindu staff looking after the patient.
To help us in securing these services for Hindu Patients, please
always ask the hospital staff to record your religion (faith) as
This can be done at the same time when you give your contact
details for hospital records.
If you know of anyone who needs the service, please ask hospital staff for
the Hindu Healthcare Chaplain Service.
Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah
Sarve Santu Niramayaah
Sarve Bhadrani Pasyantu
Maa Kaschid-Dukha-Bhag-Bhavet ||


Wea re always actively seeking to develop more Hindu HealthCare Chaplains

so if you are aware of anyone who fits the bill, or you would like more information

in the first instance please Contact:
Pt. Madhu V. Shastri
Project-Co-ordinator, Hindu Healthcare Chaplaincy (NCHTUK)
Mobile: 07763178628
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Om Shantih Shantih Shantih


Executive Committee & Trustees

nchtexco2015 sml

Executive Committee Members, Trustees and Co-opted Members
June 2015 - June 2017

Executive Committee Members - Office Bearers

1) President Shri Rashmikant Joshi, (Shree Geeta Bhawan, Leicester),E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
2) Vice President To be appointed.
3) General Secretary Shri. Satish K Sharma, (Shree Adhya Shakti Mataji Temple, Cowley) 0208 123 8272 e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
4) Asst. Secretary Smt. Vasanti Pandya (The Leicestershire Brahma Samaj, Leicester)
5) Treasurer Shri Kulwant R Gautam (Shree Krishan Mandir, Wolverhampton) email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
6) Asst. Treasurer  Shri Mahesh C. Prasher (Shree Geeta Bhawan, Leicester)
7) Communications Officer Shri. Madhu Shastri, (Omkarananda Mission) M: 07717 814357 ,e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Committee Members:

1) Shri Parveen Ralhan (Hindu Cultural Society, Slough)
2) Smt Devinder K Shastri (Shree Omkarananda Mission, Wolverhampton)
3) Shri Dipak Murria (Shree Geeta Bhawan, Birmingham)
4) Smt Rita Sharma (Bhagwati Shakti Peeth, Nottingham)
5) Shri Anil Randev   (Shree Bhagwati Shakti Peeth, Nottingham)
6) Shri Jashvant Kalia (Shree Krishan Mandir, Wolverhampton)
7) Shri Mangat Rai Sharma (Vishwa Hindu Kendra, Southall)


1) tba (Shree Durga Bhawan, Bilston)
2) Shri Jashvant Chauhan OBE (Shree Sanatan Mandir & Comm. Centre, Leicester)
3) tba (Shree Mata Da Mandir, Dudley)
4) Shri Sudarshan Kumar Bhatia, (Shree Vishwa Hindu Temple, Southall)
5) Shri Yashpal Tara (Swindon Hindu Temple Trust, Swindon)

Co-opted  Committee Members

1) Dr M D Ramakrishna Gupta (Hindu Cul.Society, Middlesborough)
2) Shri Baldev Kapil (Shree Maha Shiv Shakti Mandir, Willenhall)
3) Shri Jagdish Sharma (Shree Geeta Mandir, Birmingham)
4) Shri Ravi Bhushan (Shree Mahananda Dham, Coventry)

There was 1 further nomination received from the floor which was approved by the meeting and the formalities of eligibility etc are being checked and we hope to announce this appointment very soon also.








List of Hindu Temples in the UK

List of Hindu Temples & Religious Organisations in the UK

 If you are aware of any Temple which does not appear on our list, please do let us know. Thank you.

(Click for Map)



North East

1) Hindu Cultural Society of Bradford, Bradford, http://www.bradfordmandir.org
2) Hindu Temple & Community Centre, Bradford, http://www.bradfordmandir.org
3) Hindu Temple, Leeds, http://www.leedsmandir.org.uk
4) Hindu Temple, Newcastle, http://www.hindutemple.co.uk
5) ISKCON Newcastle, Newcastle, http://www.iskcon.org.uk/newcastle
6) Jalarama Shakti Mandal, Bradford, http://www.jaijaliyaan.com
7) Leuva Patidar Samaj, Bradford, http://www.divabradford.org.uk
8) Radha Krishna Temple, Middlesbrough, http://www.radhakrishnamandir.co.uk
9) Sita Rama Temple, Huddersfield https://www.facebook.com/Huddersfieldhindutemple/
10)The National Council of Hindu Priests UK, http://www.hindupriests.org.uk


North West

1) Geeta Bhavan Mandir, Manchester, http://www.gitabhavan.co.uk
2) Gujarat Hindu Society, Preston, http://www.ghspreston.co.uk
3) Hare Krishna Centre (ISKCON), Manchester, http://www.iskcon.org.uk/manchester
4) Hindu Samaj, Sheffield, http://www.hindusamaj.blogspot.com
5) Krishna Mandir, Bolton, http://www.krishnatemplebolton.com
6) Kutch Satsang Swaminarayana Temple, Bolton, http://www.lordswaminarayan.org.uk
7) Radha Krishna Mandir, Manchester, http://www.radhakrishnamandir.co.uk
8) Radha Krishna Temple, Liverpool, http://www.hcoliverpool.com
9) Radha Krishna Temple, Oldham), http://www.indianassociationoldham.org.uk
10) Rama Krishna Temple, Warrington
11) Rama Temple, Ashton-under-Lyne
12) Sanatana Mandir, Ashton-under-Lyne
13) Swaminarayana Hindu Mission, Preston, http://www.swaminarayan.org  
14) SwaminarayanaHinduMission,AshtonUnderLyne, http://www.swaminarayan.org/globalnetwork/europe/ashton.htm
15) Swaminarayana Sidhant Sajivan Mandal, Bolton, http://www.swaminarayanartgallery.com
16) Swaminarayana Temple, Oldham, http://www.swaminarayan-oldham.org/contact_us.html
17) Veda Mandir, Bolton


West Midlands

1) Baba Balak Nathji Mandir, Coventry, http://www.mandirbababalaknath.co.uk  
2) Maha Shiv Shakti Mandir, Willenhall (Shirdi Sai Dham), http://www.mahashivshaktimandir.co.uk
3) Durga Bhawan, Bilston, http://www.shridurgabhawan.com
4) Durga Bhawan, Smethwick
5) Geeta Bhawan, Birmingham, http://www.shreegeetabhawan.com
6) Hindu Gujarati Samaj, Nuneaton
7) Hindu Samaj Mandal, Darlaston, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Shree-Hindu-Samaj-Mandal-Darlaston
8) Shri Pashupatinath Mandir of UK, http://www.shripashupatinathmandir.co.uk
9) ISKCON, Birmingham, http://www.iskconbirmingham.org
10) Kalyan Mandal, Rugby
11) Krishna Mandir, Coventry
12) Krishna Mandir, Dudley
13) Krishna Mandir, Leamington Spa, http://www.shreekrishnamandir.org.uk
14) Krishna Mandir, Wolverhampton
15) Krishna Temple, Birmingham, http://www.bpmsamaj.comze.com
16) Krishna Temple, West Bromwich, http://www.skm-wb.org
17) Laxmi Narayana Mandir, Birmingham, http://www.shcc.org.uk
18) Mandir Baba Balak Nath, Walsall, http://www.mandirbababalaknath.co.uk
19) Mata Da Mandir, Dudley, http://www.mata-da-mandir.wix.com  
20) Radha Krishna Cultural Centre, Coventry
21) Rama Krishna Temple, Wolverhampton
22) Rama Mandir, Birmingham
23) Rama Mandir,  Walsall, http://www.shree-ram-mandir-walsall.org.uk/
24) Sanatan Dharm Hindu Temple, Coventry
25) Universal Divine Temple Ek Nivas, Wolverhampton, http://www.ekniwas.net
26) Venkateshwara (Balaji) Temple, Oldbury, http://www.venkateswara.org.uk
27) Omkarananda Mission, Wolverhampton
28) Swamynarayan Mandir, Birmingham, http://www.swaminarayan.org/globalnetwork/europe/birming.htm
29) Magha Sithi Vinayagar Hindu Temple, Coventry, http://www.sithivinayagar.com
30) Arya Samaj (Vedic Mission) West Midlands, http://www.arya-samaj.org


East Midlands

1) Shree Geeta Bhavan, Leicester
2) Shree Geeta Bhawan, Loughborough
3) Hare Krishna Mandir (ISKCON), Leicester, http://www.iskconleicester.org
4) Hare Krishna Centre for Vedic Studies, Leicester, http://www.gauranga.org
5) Haveli Shriji Dwar, Leicester, http://www.pushtinidhi.co.uk
6) Hindu Temple & Community Centre, Leicester, http://www.shreehindutemple.net
7) Hindu Temple Geeta Bhawan, Derby, http://www.derbyhindu.org
8) Hindu Temple, Nottingham, http://www.hindutemple.org.uk
9) Jalarama Pratharna Mandal, Leicester, http://www.jalarambapa.com
10) Leicestershire Brahma Sama, Leicester,
11) Rama Krishna Temple, Loughborough
12) Rama Mandir, Leicester, http://www.rammandir.info
13) Sanatan Mandir, Leicester, http://www.sanatanmandir.org.uk
14) Shakti Mandir, Leicester
15) Swaminarayana Hindu Mission, Wellingborough
16) Swaminarayana Hindu Mission, Leicester, http://www.mandir.org/Leicester/  
17) Swaminarayana Temple (ISSO), Leicester, http://www.bhujmandir.org
18) Wanza Community Centre, Leicester, http://www.wanza.org
19) Wellingborough District Hindu Association, Wellingborough
20) Federation of Hindu Priests UK, Leicester, http://federationofhindupriestsuk.org/
21) Sri Jeya Durga Temple, http://www.jeyadurgatempleleicester.org/



1) Caribbean Hindu Society, Lambeth, http://www.chcstemple.org.uk1
2) Gayatri Temple, West Hendon
3) Greenwich Hindu Mandir, Plumstead
4) Highgate Hill Murugan Temple, Highgate Hill, http://www.highgatehillmurugan.org  
5) Hindu Centre, Belsize Park
6) Hindu Cultural Society, North Finchley, http://www.hinduculturalsociety.co.uk
7) Hindu Mandir, Plumstead, http://www.trust-thamesmead.co.uk
8) Hindu Society, Tooting
9) Hindu Temple, Finchley, http://www.hinduculturalsociety.co.uk
10) Holy Mission of Guru Nanak (Sindhi Community House), http://www.holymission.org.uk
11) Int. Swaminarayana Satsang Organisation, Streatham
12) Int Swaminarayana Satsang Organisation, Willesden , http://www.swaminarayansatsang.com  
13) Kanaga Thurkkai Amman Temple, West Ealing, http://www.ammanealing.com
140) Krishna Yoga Mandir, Edmonton
15) Kutch Satsang Swaminarayana Temple, Forest Gate, http://www.swaminarayanmandir.org.uk   
16) Kutch Satsang Swaminarayana Temple, Plumstead
17) London Sevashrama Sangh, Shepherds Bush, http://www.london-sevashramsangha.org
18) London Sivan Kovil, Lewisham , http://www.londonsivankovil.org.uk
19) Maha Lakshmi Temple, Manor Park, http://www.srimahalakshmitemple.net
20) Maha Lakshmi Vidya Temple, Forrest Hill, http://www.mahalakshmi.net
21) Murugan Temple, Manor Park, http://www.londonsrimurugan.org
22) Muththumari Amman Temple, Tooting, http://www.londonhindutemples.com
23) Nath ji Sanatan Hindu Mandir, Leytonstone, http://www.svnuk.org
24) Radha Krishna Cultural Centre, South Norwood, http://www.iskconuk.com
25) Radha Krishna Temple, Balham
26) Radha Krishna Temple, Soho, http://www.iskcon-london.org
27) Radha Krishna Temple, Stratford, http://www.iskcon-london.org
28) South East Hindu Association, Woolwich
29) Swaminarayana Hindu Mission, Neasden, http://www.mandir.org
30) Swaminarayana Hindu Mission, Upton
31) Swaminarayana Mandir, Golders Green, http://www.swaminarayangadi.com
32) Swaminarayana Temple, Willesden,http://www.shreeswaminarayan.org.uk
33) Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Association of London (SHITAL), Wembley, http://www.shirdisai.org.uk/
34) Hanuman Mandir, West Hendon, http://www.anjaneyar.co.uk
35) Durga Mandir, Ilford, http://www.durgamandir.org.uk
36) Hindu Centre, Ilford,
37) Dharma Mandir, Enfield, http://www.dharmamandir.com
38) Ganapathy Temple, Wimbledon, http://www.ghanapathytemple.org.uk


South East

1) Bhaktivedanta Manor Hare Krishna Temple, Watford, http://www.krishnatemple.com
2) Eelapatheeswarar Aalayam, Edgware
3) Eelapatheeswarar Aalayam, Wembley
4) Eeswaran Temple, Wembley
5) Gayatri Math Thirussthatham Temple, Edgware
6) Hindu Society of Bedford, Bedford
7) Hindu Temple, Slough, http://www.hindutempleslough.com
8) Hindu Temple, Southampton, http://www.vedicsociety.com
9) Kali Mata Mandir, Hayes, http://www.kalimata.co.uk
10) Kutch Satsang Swaminarayana Temple, Harrow
11) London Ganapathy Temple, Wembley
12) Raja Rajeswary Amman Temple, Stoneleigh, http://www.srirajeswariamman.com
13) Ram Temple, Southall, http://www.shreerammandir.co.uk
14) Reading Hindu Temple, Reading, http://www.readinghindutemple.com
15) Sanatan Hindu Mandir, Wembley, http://www.svnuk.org
16) Sanatan Mandir, Crawley, http://www.crawleyhindu.com
17) Sanatan Seva Samaj, Luton, http://www.oshwal.co.uk
18) Shakti Mandir, Wembley, http://www.shaktimandir.co.uk
19) Swaminarayana Temple, Edgware, http://www.swaminarayansatsang.com
20) Swaminarayana Temple, Brighton, http://www.bhujmandir.org
21) Vishwa Hindu Mandir, Southall, http://www.southallmandir.co.uk
22) Shree Adhya Shakti Mandir, Cowley, Uxbridge, http://www.matajitemple.com
23) International Siddhashram Shakti Centre, Harrow, http://www.siddhashram.com
24) Shri Sanatan Mandir, Crawley, http://www.crawleyhindu.com


South West

1) Gloucester Hindu Temple, Gloucester
2) Hindu Temple, Bristol, http://www.bristolhindutemple.co.uk
3) Krishna Mandir, Cheltenham
4) Rama Mandir, Peterborough




1) Govindadwipa (ISKCON), Derry in, http://news.iskcon.com
2) Laxmi Narayana Mandir, Belfast, http://www.iccbelfast.com
3) Radha–Madhava Mandir, Belfast, http://www.iskconbelfast.com   

1) Hindu Temple & Cultural Centre, Edinburgh, http://www.edinburghhindumandir.org.uk
2) Hindu Temple, Glasgow, http://www.hindumandirglasgow.org.uk
3) Karuna Bhavan (ISKCON), Lasmahagow, http://www.iskconscotland.com
4) Tayside Hindu Cultural & Community Centre, Dundee



1) Life Foundation, Bangor, http://www.druyoga.com
2) Radha Krishna Temple (Govinda's), Swansea, http://www.iskconwales.org.uk
3) Sanatan Dharma Mandal, Cardiff, http://www.sdmhcc.org
4) Subramaniyam Temple, Carmarthen, http://www.skandavale.org  
5) Swaminarayana Temple, Cardiff, http://www.swaminarayanwales.org.uk  
6) The India Centre, Cardiff Temple, http://www.indiacentre.co.uk


For more information please refer to the 'Directory of the Hindu Temples in the UK which contains addresses, opening hours, telephone numbers, various activities, information on Deities and brief history of temples listed below




For more information please refer to the 'Directory of the Hindu Temples in the UK which contains addresses, opening hours, telephone numbers, various activities, information on Deities and brief history of temples listed below

Hindu Healthcare Chaplaincy

HHC2014 logo



The Awarding Body


Hindu HealthCare Chaplains


Although the Hindu community, totalling about 600,000, is settled all over England, it is concentrated in large numbers in some health authority areas.

There is a disproportionately small number of Hindu chaplains serving the religious, spiritual and emotional needs of Hindu patients.  This hugely significant but largely unnoticed Hindu chaplaincy work, which is carried out mainly on a voluntary basis, is totally uncoordinated at the local, regional and at the national level. Regularly the temples are contacted by Hospital trusts for the need of Hindu chaplains, which the temples are unable to provide because of the nonexistent information on Hindu Healthcare Chaplains.

This vital project will identify and co-ordinate the Hindu Healthcare Chaplains so as to effectively deliver their services to the needy patients thereby fulfilling the religious, spiritual and emotional needs of Hindu patients.


a)To identify more Hindu Healthcare Chaplains,
b) Co-ordinate their efforts,
c) Establish a formal body of Hindu Healthcare Chaplains, which will take the responsibility of accreditation,
d) Compile a Directory of Hindu Chaplaincy,
e) Encourage more individuals to become Healthcare Chaplains,
f) Produce guidelines on Hindu Healthcare Chaplaincy,
g) Initiate training procedures for Healthcare Chaplains.

All the above points will greatly assist the Hospital trusts and Health authorities in catering for the needs of the Hindu patients in an organised and professional manner.


This funding will, for the first time, directly bring benefits both to the patients and the Health authorities by developing partnerships between Hindu chaplains and the Health authorities so the patients needs are taken care of. Generally, the Hindu patients have, up to now, not received adequate religious, spiritual and emotional care they require as the families (especially the young generation) of patients have little information on providing these needs. At the same time the Health authorities also generally have little information on Hindu chaplains in their local areas.

Training Summary

This project will identify and coordinate Hindu Healthcare Chaplains, which will eventually lead to the formation of a Hindu Healthcare Chaplaincy Group (HHCG). The HHCG will take responsibility for liaising with the Hospital trusts, training and accrediting the Hindu Healthcare Chaplains. This will be covered in much greater detail on the Training Course, a summary of which is as below.


IMG 0012 Copy


 Shri Rashmikant Joshi Welcoming all delegates to the 2014 Hindu HealthCare Chaplaincy Training Course. (click for more photos)


If you would like to get involved in this project or would like to have more information the please contact the NCHT (UK).


If you are ready to apply to become a Hindu HealthCare Chaplain then download and complete the following Application form and scan and send it to the address on the form either by email or by post.


Application Form

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