Archbishop Justin Welby visits India .. 10,000 Hindus request apology


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The European Churches of Empire, who have claimed a Divine Mandate, a divine monopoly to pass judgement on all other nations, civilisations and cultures ...... are owning up to the fact that they lied, they deceived, they destroyed and they stole from indigenous peoples across the globe, for over 500 years. They lied where they went and they lied to their own countrymen when they came back home. They lied to steal when they were abroad and they lied when they returned in order to defraud their own citizens and church brethren, of their hard earned wealth.


In July this year the Anglican Archbishop of Canada made an apology and it had all the hallmarks of yet another piece of deceit ..... feel free to judge for yourself from the video but three questions arise. If you are apologising ... then you accept responsibility for your crimes, what about restitution? If you acknowledge that your then philosophy was best described as "institutionalised barbarianism", how has it changed if the core textbook is still the same and the teachings are still the same? The third question is the most important .. If an apology is due in Canada, why not in India, and every other place which was ravaged by these "Missionaries of a loving God"?  


This has a direct and immediate impact upon InterFaith in the UK which is why the Archbishop of Canterbury has been sent a letter on behalf of over 10,000 Hindus, asking for an apology for Church approved Colonial crimes and an immediate cessation of the ongoing cultural genocide, otherwise known as Evangelism and Conversion.


The details of the Canadian Anglican apology and the letter are visible here .... let us know what you think! heres a snippet of this "Apology" ..


"I confess our sin in failing to acknowledge that as First Peoples living here for thousands of years, you
had a spiritual relationship with the Creator and with the Land. We did not care enough to learn how
your spirituality has always infused your governance, social structures and family life.
I confess our sin in demonizing Indigenous spiritualities, and in belittling the traditional teachings of
your Grandmothers and Grandfathers preserved and passed on through the elders.
I confess the sin of our arrogance in dismissing Indigenous Spiritualities and disciplines "

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